Featuring an original design by Tanya Mu - one of our fave local artists (+regular customer!), this 100% cotton bag makes a fantastic gift all on it’s own orwhy not fill it with goods from Mildred’s Pantry and make gifting this holiday a breeze!

Meet the Artist: Quick fire intreview w/ Tanya Mu

Coffee or Tea? 

Definitely coffee! I love lattes specifically. Recently got an espresso machine and trying to learn latte art.

Mimosa or Caesar?

Mimosa! Definitely like sweet things over savoury! 

Pancakes or Eggs?

Again always choosing sweet over savoury. But I also love eggs and how you can cook them in so many different ways, can I choose both? Haha!

Sausages or Bacon

I’d say bacon. You can make it crispy or soft, toppings on salad etc. So good!

Favourite Toronto Restaurant? 

Let me give my top 3 brunch spots in Toronto: 

1. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

2. Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

3. Peter Pan Bistro 

Last time you saw a raccoon? 

To be honest, even though I’ve lived in Toronto for 10 years, I’ve never seen a raccoon!!!