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Schpooples, Schpooples, Schpooples!

Get your pancake fix on the run, hot off the grill with all the fixings. $7.

Available Thursday - Sunday,
10AM - 3PM.

Let's Get To Grubbin'!

Whether it's lunch at the office, a picnic at the park or brunch in bed - Mildred's got you covered. All of your brunch faves now available for take-out or delivery!

Bring Mildred Home

Order Mildred's essential pantry items. Pick 'em up and take 'em home for easy baking and making.

(P.S. Buy our 'Out to Brunch' cookbook and 75% of proceeds go towards The Stop Community Food Centre.)

Donna and Kevin, owners of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, have enjoyed more than 30 successful years in the Toronto hospitality industry.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen opened with a heartfelt philosophy. We’re here because we love food, people and the simple pleasures of life: our temple is the place where we practice our devotion.

Well hidden in the heart of Liberty Village, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen reflects our commitment to providing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, simply and sumptuously prepared. Bright and industrial, yet relaxing and intimate, the warmth of Mildred’s lingers long after the guests have gone home.

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