It's your time to shine in your own kitchen with our famous buttermilk pancakes! Here are some quick tips (along with some good tricks!) so you can make the perfect stack.

1. Always add wet to dry

It's always easier to add extra liquid (or hold off) when trying to get the consistency that you are looking for. For this pancake recipe, we want a consistency that is similar to cottage cheese!

2. Do not over mix - lumps are good!

Don't. Over. Mix. In fact, you shouldn't be mixing. Rather, you want to be folding your batter. When it comes to pancakes, lumps are lovely! The lumps create little air sockets as the batter cooks making your pancakes nice and fluffy.

3. Set your batter aside

Leave your batter to the side for a good 10 minutes or so. This will give your pancake batter time to 'fluff' up with air sockets. The more air sockets, the fluffier your batter will be.

P.S. Planning a big brunch? Make your batter ahead of time and leave it covered in the fridge so it's extra ready for later.


The infamous question: when do I flip my pancakes? Answer: bubbles! Keep an eye out on the bubbles that form on top. See a few bubbling up? This is great time to add in any toppings. Lots of tiny bubbles now? Perfect. It's time to flip that pancake!

5. Leftovers? Feeze 'em + Toast 'Em.

Made one too many pancakes? No worries. Store them in a proper ziplock bag and chuck them in the freezer. When you're ready for a pancake (or two) just toss them in the toaster and they'll be ready in no time!

*Please do a test run on your toaster with one single pancake.

Let us know how you did!

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