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Safety 1st – No tables of more than 4 guests

Oct 7, 2020

At MILDRED’S Temple Kitchen we’re thankful for the ongoing support of our guests, who trek to Liberty Village for their pancake fix, our families and friends, who cheer us on when the chips are down, and our government leaders who have the daunting task of navigating us through these unprecedented times. 

We recognize that dining out in times of a pandemic is a privilege, and with privilege comes responsibility.

At Mildred’s Temple Kitchen we have a responsibilityto the safety and well-being of our staff and guests and take great measures to ensure such.

We believe our guests also have a responsibility, to follow the protocols of the restaurant and those of Toronto Public health.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to visit MILDRED’S Temple Kitchen:

– We will not seat parties larger than 4 (including children and highchairs)

– If you have a medical certificate or condition that prevents you from wearing a mask you cannot enter our space. We would be happy to arrange a take-out order for you instead.

– Shields or mingling masks are not acceptable. Only masks that fit Public Health guidelines can be worn.

– You must wear a mask when you step onto our patio. 

– You must wear a mask when you enter our dining room.

– You must provide personal information for tracing purposes for all members of your party through the form on the QR code at the desk.

– You must wear a mask when you are walking to and from your table.

– You must remain seated at all times unless using the public washrooms (no mingling with other tables)

– You must wear a mask when entering and exiting the public washroom

– You must pay with debit or credit – we do not accept cash

Thank you and stay safe.