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Mildred x ReCORK

Sep 16, 2019

If you didn’t know by now, we’re all about doing our part when it comes to sustainability. After all, the earth has given us all of these amazingly delicious ingredients to creatively use to please own our hunger and tickle our taste buds. Talk about unselfish.

Over the years, we’ve always looked at different ways on how we can help our environment. Not just to help maintain it, but on how to help it thrive. Here’s a quick run down on just a few things we’ve done: reduce waste and water consumption, use biodegradable straws that melt in water (magic really), using local products as much as possible, growing our own herbs, and having our own little bee farm on our roof for natures hardest workers.

Now, we’re off to a new adventure with ReCORK. And we’re as thrilled as can be.

Fun Fact: Ontario does not accept cork in the green or blue bins, even though they are an all natural biodegradable material. So we’re doing our part, and have become a ReCORK Private Collection Partner. All of those popped bottles don’t only excite your meal and experience here at Mildred’s, but the corks (must be natural) will now be collected, recycled, grinded and repurposed into a wide variety of eco-friendly products.

Check out how it works below.

To learn more about this great program, and on how you can get involved visit our friends at recork.ca.