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Mildred’s 2nd Annual Pancake Smackdown!

Jul 27, 2021

Grab your mixing bowl and head to the kitchen! It’s time to crown this year’s winner.

Don’t let another year go by staring at your screen, drooling over delish stacks. It’s time to make your own pancake creation.

Let’s get going – make some stacks then take them over the top with your favourite toppings, from fruit to candy, ice cream to whip cream, ketchup to broccoli (if that suits your fancy). Make them outrageous and absolutely delicious. Make them yours.


(*Runner up receives Mildred’s Pancake Essentials)


1. Make some pancakes! It doesn’t have to be our recipe, but if you want it you can find our pancake recipe here.
2. Post a photo of your delicious pancake creation on Instagram, tag @mildredstemplekitchen and use #mildredspancakesmackdown in the caption
3. Provide a brief description of your pancake creation (i.e. ingredients that you used, flavours, toppings, etc.)
4. Follow @mildredstemplekitchen on Instagram.
5. That’s it!

The Mildred Team will pick our top fave pancake creation submissions but it will be up to the public to decide who’s pancakes are on top through our Instagram story poll/post. Good luck, flip those pancakes and most importantly have fun!

Please note that your profile must be made public for us to see your pancake creation. If you would like to keep your profile private, please send a message to our inbox with your photo and description.


Submission deadline: Monday, September 6 @ 10PM
First Round: Saturday, September 11 @ 9AM (voting takes place on Instagram story)
Semi-Finals: Sunday, September 12 @ 9AM (voting takes place on Instagram story)
Finals: September 13-19 (winner decided based on likes on Instagram feed)
Winner Announced: September 20
*dates subject to change