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14th Annual Canada Day Quiz

Jul 16, 2019

It’s a day that lives in infamy at Mildred’s – the day each year that our guests vie for the title of Canada Day Quiz Master. This past Canada Day, we held our 14th annual quiz to the chagrin and humiliation of those participants who, bit the proverbial dust. But all was not lost – we lifted their spirits with Mildred’s delicious homemade caesars, karaoke and of course pancakes. Passersby and their furry friends were treated to cold H2O plus fresh watermelon for the humans and vegan treats for the dogs.

Answering questions like “where do otters stash food” and “how many litres of tree sap does it take to make a single litre of amber maple syrup”, Mildred’s guests fought a valiant battle. In the end though, the grand prize winner emerged. Congrats to Laurice! Their great depth of knowledge of everything Canadian earned them a gift certificate for Dinner for Four at Mildred’s, the tastiest prize in Canada!

See below for the full set of answers.